2012 Skilled Occupations List Announced

By Mark Webster
14 June 2012

Skills Australia has announced the new Skilled Occupations List which will apply from 1 July 2012. The Skilled Occupations List (SOL) would apply to all General Skilled Migration applicants, unless they are sponsored by a State or Territory Government or eligible for transitional arrangements (some international students).

Four occupations have been added to the list and four occupations removed from the list.

Occupations Added to Skilled Occupations List

The following occupations have been added to the Skilled Occupations List:
ANZSCO code Occupation Rationale
133513 Production Manager (Mining) Occupation meets long lead time requirement
234912 Metallurgists High projected growth and requirements in broad locations
251411 Optometrist Persistent shortages, low unemployment rate
263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer Occupation meets long lead time requirement

The addition of Production Manager (Mining) and Metallurgists are clearly in response to increased demand in the mining industry.

Including Computer Network and Systems Engineers will lead to opportunities for IT professionals working in these areas.

Occupations Removed from Skilled Occupations List

The following occupations have been removed from to the Skilled Occupations List:
ANZSCO code Occupation Rationale
234211 Chemist Negative past and projected growth
252711 Audiologist Expected downturn in industry due to 2011-12 Federal Budget measures
331111 Bricklayer Higher than average unemployment
333411 Wall and Floor Tiler Higher than average unemployment

The removal of chemists from the Skilled Occupations List means that there are very few pure science occupations on the list. The only remaining ones are Medical Laboratory Scientists and Agricultural Scientists. The occupation of physicist is on the Skilled Occupations List, but only in the context of Medical Physicists who would typically work in radiation oncology, radiological imaging and nuclear medicine.

Audiologists have been removed due to Federal Budget measures which mean that funding of audiology appointments will be cut.

The removal of bricklayers and wall/floor tilers could result in a shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry, but these occupations are still available for sponsorship by employers through the 457 and ENS programs.


Overall, there are only minor changes to the Skilled Occupations List.

There was some concern that the occupation of general accountant would be removed from the list, but that has not occurred in this round.

We are still awaiting the announcement of the CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupations List) which will apply to employer sponsored and state/territory sponsored applications.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss applying for General Skilled Migration to Australia.


Skills Australia - 2012 Skilled Occupations List Announcement

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