Frequently Asked Questions About SkillSelect and Expressions of Interest

webster By Mark Webster
Monday, 06 May 2013

Q. What is an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest or EOI is an application you make to indicate you would like to be considered for grant of a visa.

The application is free of charge, and is lodged online. You do not need to include any documentation.

You would give sufficient information for the Department of Immigration to get an idea of your likely eligibility for the visa - for instance, you need to provide details of your date of birth, qualifications, work experience, English language ability and any skills assessments you have completed.

You also indicate which visas you would like to be considered for, and which states you would like to settle in.

Q. Do I get a bridging visa after I lodge my Expression of Interest?

An expression of interest is not a visa application - as a result, you do not receive a bridging visa when you make an EOI.

You will only receive a bridging visa once you have lodged the visa application itself - this would require you to pass skills assessment and receive an invitation beforehand. As these steps can take several months, you will need to plan ahead if your visa is expiring soon. Many international students apply for a 485 visa which does not require an invitation or EOI invitation to lodge.

Q. What is SkillSelect?

SkillSelect is the system the Department of Immigration uses to evaluate the Expression of Interest which have been lodged.

Invitations are issued to selected applicants. Once an invitation is received through SkillSelect, you can make the application for your visa.

Q. What are the different types of SkillSelect Visas?

Certain visas require an invitation through SkillSelect - these include:

  • Skilled Points Tested Visas such as: Skilled Independent (Subclass 189), Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) and Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Subclass 489)
  • Business Skills Visas such as: Business Innovation & Investment (Subclass 188) and Business Talent (Subclass 132)
  • Employer Sponsored visas can optionally be applied for through SkillSelect - these include Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 visas, Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 visas and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 visas. For these visas, you can register your details on SkillSelect by lodging an EOI. Potential employers can see your details and contact you if they are interested in sponsoring you.

    Q. Which Skilled Visas Require No Expression of Interest

    Not all skilled vias require an EOI through SkillSelect. These include:

  • Graduate Skilled Subclass 485 visas
  • Extensions to skilled visas - eg Subclass 489 and 188 extensions
  • Permanent stages to provisional skilled visas - eg Skilled Regional Subclass 887 and Business Residence Subclass 888 visas
  • Q. How long will it take to get an invitation?

    For Skilled Migration visas, automated invitation rounds are done twice a month. It is difficult to predict the processing time for invitations, as this depends on the number of EOIs lodged by other people. At the time of writing (April 2013), all independent skilled EOIs lodged with a points score of 60 or more have received invitations - as a result, the longest you will wait is 2 weeks. However, this may well change in the future if a high number of EOIs are lodged or the pass mark is decreased.

    If you have been nominated by a State or Territory Government, you will receive an invitation as soon as the nominator confirms the nomination in SkillSelect.

    Q. If I don't get invited, does this mean I have been rejected?

    No - your invitation remains in the SkillSelect system for a period of 2 years. You could receive an invitation at any time during this period.

    Q. How many points do I need to qualify for a SkillSelect visa?

    For skilled points tested visas, you would need minimum 60 points to receive an invitation.

    For business skills points tested visas, you would need a minimum of 65 points to receive an invitation.

    Q. What if I make a Mistake in my EOI?

    It is very important that all information in your EOI is true and correct by the time you are issued with an invitation. If the information you provide in your visa application is inconsistent with the EOI, your application may be refused even if you have sufficient points.

    You can make changes to your EOI at any time up to receiving the invitation. This gives you the opportunity to correct mistakes.

    Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on your options.

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