Legislation changes from the 1st July 2009

By Lauren Partridge, Acacia Immigration Australia Pty Ltd, 20 June 2009

Contributory Parent visas and split applications

The Department is amending the legislation to prevent people granted the Contributory Parent visa (Subclasses 143 and 864) to sponsor their partners for a spouse or prospective marriage visa for 5 years from the grant of their visa provided they were granted the visa on or after the 1st July 2009 and were in the relationship prior to the Contributory visa grant.

Entry period extension for Work and Holiday visa holders

The entry period for people granted the Work and Holiday visa offshore will be extended from the 1st July 2009 to 12 months after visa grant rather than the previous 3 months to enter Australia after visa grant.

Balance of Family test and change of sponsor for parent and remaining relative visas

From the 1st July 2009, the sponsor for the Remaining Relative visa will be allowed to change until a decision is made upon the visa application as long as the new sponsor meets the sponsorship requirements.

The balance of family test will now be a time of application requirement for all parent visa applications.

Work limitation removed from subclass 410 (Retirement) visa

From the 1st July 2009, the mandatory work limitation on subclass 410 visas will be removed providing the visa holder with full work rights. Current visa holders will have the work limitation of 20 hours a week until they next renew their Retirement visa.

Bridging visa E added to relevant visa list

From the 1st July 2009 the briging visa E (subclass 050) will be added to the list of visas that cannot be cancelled under Regulation 2.43(1)(a)(i).

New electronic form for Tourist (subclass 676) visa

The Migration Regulations 1994 have been amended to allow electronic forms be used in visa applications listed under the Approved Destination Status Scheme from the 1st July 2009. This will affect the subclass 676 visa in particular which can from that time be lodged online.

Source: Immigration website - Notices of Legislation Changes

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