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webster By Mark Webster
Wednesday, 04 July 2012

The new SkillSelect system has finally come into place, which means big changes to the General Skilled Migration program. With these changes come some great opportunities for people who may not currently be eligible for migration to Australia. We would like to share with you some of the biggest benefits SkillSelect has to offer.

1. Jump the Queue!

The new SkillSelect system was introduced on 1 July 2012.

We now have a very exclusive "invitation only" system where only the best and brightest will be able to apply for skilled migration to Australia.

This means shorter queues, which equals faster processing times for applications. This will enable people to jump the queue with SkillSelect to reach their migration outcome much quicker than before.

2. Had a career break? No worries!

For the first time it's possible for people who have been out of the workforce for a while to apply for skilled migration.

Previously, you had to show that you'd worked in a skilled job for 12 of the last 24 months to be eligible to apply. This meant if you had a career break (like parental leave) you were not eligible anymore.

Now, there is no recent work experience requirement at all.

This will be of great benefit to people who have had a career break!

3. Pass mark goes down for the first time since 1999

The pass mark for skilled migration has been decreased from 65 to 60.

As a result, people who previously missed out on eligibility by 5 points to migrate to Australia may now have an opportunity to apply.

This is the first time the pass mark has gone down for skilled migration since 1999.

4. Air New Zealand is in trouble!

From 1 July 2012, it's possible for many more people to apply onshore for migration to Australia through skilled migration.

Previously, people who applied for skilled migration onshore needed to leave Australia to be granted their visas - this meant a lot of people would fly to visit our neighbours in New Zealand.

Now, it is no longer necessary for people to do the New Zealand shuffle and they can stay in Australia until their visa is granted.

5. Students, wait no longer!

Students no longer need to meet the recent study requirement to apply for skilled migration.

This means if you already have qualifications from overseas you can lodge your application for a SkillSelect visa before you finish your studies in Australia.

6. New Skilled Occupations List

There is now a new Skilled Occupations list which is the same for employer sponsored and state sponsored visa types.

A whole range of occupations have been added that weren't on the old list - some of these include travel professionals, insurance professionals and florists.

It is now possible for those in the newly added occupations to apply to skilled migration.

If yourself or someone you know is in these new occupations and interested in migration, tell them to call us at Acacia!


It is evident that the introduction of the SkillSelect system has opened the door to some great opportunities for those looking to migrate to Australia.

If you want to find out more about your eligibility for a SkillSelect visa, contact us at Acacia Immigration today!

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