VETASSESS update for PhD students

By Nicole Kirkwood

Monday, 10 December 2018

VETASSESS has just announced a change to their skills assessment criteria, that will affect many PhD students studying in Australia and overseas,

From Friday 15 December 2018 VETASSESS will no longer accept a full scholarship or stipend as work experience for the purpose of obtaining 1 years work experience for a skills assessment or for work experience points.

This is a major change and will effect a many PhD students including those who intend to work in the careers such as University Lecturers and Scientists. Applications lodged prior to this date will continue to be assessed under the criteria in place at the time of lodgement.

What this means to PhD applicants with a full scholarship?

You will need to obtain paid work experience in your field after you have completed your PhD.

If you are unable to lodge your skills assessment lodged before Friday 15 December you will need to gain work experience either In Australia or overseas.

How to gain work experience in Australia after your studies?

For many PhD students studying in Australia a subclass 485 Visa will be essential to gain the work experience you require.

PhD graduates may be eligible for a 485 Visa for between 18 months and 4 years depending when you first studied in Australia.


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