Our Promise to You

Acacia Immigration stands up to be the most efficient provider of visa application services in Australia. Our job is to make the complex immigration processes as simple, quick, inexpensive and hassle-free for you as possible.

The Immigration Roadmap - We Keep You Fully Informed from the Very Start

For most of our clients, the journey begins with an Immigration Roadmap:
  • You will receive full and frank written advice on your eligibility upfront, as well as a range of alternatives and fallback options
  • You will receive a fixed fee quote at the beginning of the process, with no nasty surprises later on
  • You will receive a realistic timeframe both for lodgement and processing of your application

Best Practice in Visa Lodgement - We will Never Hold Up Your Application

Our efficient processes minimises turnaround time for lodgement:
  • You will receive complete details on all documents and information required as soon as you sign up with us
  • We will give you feedback on documents you provide within 2 business days of being received
  • We will complete all forms, make certified copies of your documents and arrange for translations where necessary
  • We will keep the process as simple as possible for you - many of our clients never have to fill in a form, and we will never ask you for unnecessary documents
  • We will monitor and meet lodgement deadlines
  • Your application will be complete at lodgement wherever possible
  • Each application we lodge is subject to a rigorous quality control process

Speedy Processing, Proactive and Responsive Service

With Acacia you get the fastest possible processing times through the use of Decision-Ready Checklists - this is to achieve the fastest possible processing for your application.
  • We will respond to your calls or emails within 1 business day, and in most cases instantly
  • You will be informed of any changes in immigration law during processing and advised of how to best deal with these
  • We will always make the most of opportunities to speed up processing of your application where possible
  • Where complications arise, we will escalate your case to the Department of Immigration's supervisors and managers to ensure a successful outcome

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