Acacia Webinar Instructions

Please note that the slides from the presentation are proprietary in nature and we are not able to send you a copy of them due to IP and risk management considerations.

To join an Acacia webinar, please read the following instructions.

    Minimum System Requirement

    1. On both Windows and Mac, we recommend Chrome as it handle audio and video better than others (but you can also use Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge)
    2. When joining via Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10, you must have Flash Player 10 or above installed and enabled in the browser
    3. Learn more about technical requirements here

    Google Chrome

    1. Go to this link:
    2. Click audio mode (first green icon) on the top of the page
    3. Click the computer icon to "turn on computer audio"
    4. Click the "check audio settings" to increase or reduce volume
    5. If you get the "Your microphone seems to be blocked" message, just click on the message below the white arrow
    If there's a problem connecting, please call reception on +612 9230 0888.

    The images below indicate where you need to click to access the webinar

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