Agricultural Technical Officer - ASCO 3112-17

Specialisations/Job Titles

  • Artificial Insemination Technical Officer
  • Dairy Technician
  • Field Crop Technical Officer
  • Herd Tester
  • Horticultural Technical Officer
  • Poultry Technical Officer

Tasks & Duties

Examines the characteristics of farm produce, livestock and farm land and identifies problems in support of Agricultural Scientists.

  • examines the topographical, physical and soil characteristics of farmland to determine its most effective utilisation and identify nutrient deficiencies
  • assists in developing new methods of planting, fertilising, harvesting, processing and transporting crops to achieve optimum land usage
  • identifies pathogenic micro-organisms and insects, parasites, fungi and weeds harmful to crops and livestock, and assists in devising methods of control
  • analyses produce to set and maintain standards of quality
  • inspects livestock to gauge the effectiveness of feed formulae
  • assists in controlled breeding experiments to develop improved strains
  • arranges the supply of drugs, vaccines and other chemicals to producers and gives advice on their use
  • collects and collates data for research
  • plans slaughtering, harvesting and other aspects of production processes
  • may advise producers on farming techniques and management

Entry Skill Level

The entry requirement for this occupation is an AQF Diploma or higher qualification or at least 3 years relevant experience. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.

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