Greenkeeper - ASCO 4622-11

Specialisations/Job Titles

  • Groundsman/woman

Tasks & Duties

Establishes and maintains fine turf, grassed areas, associated plantings and synthetic surfaces used for sport.

  • prepares seedbeds for new turf
  • establishes and maintains turf by watering with sprinkler systems, oversowing or overseeding damaged areas, and repairing green damage with sods
  • mows, rolls and levels turf
  • pegs and marks out lines and logos, installs nets, posts and stumps, and places sports equipment on playing areas
  • replants, repairs, aerates, fertilises and top dresses lawns
  • operates, maintains and adjusts hand and power driven equipment
  • constructs cricket wickets, tennis courts, bowling, croquet or golf greens
  • installs and maintains synthetic surfaces
  • may maintain buildings, fences and surrounding gardens

Entry Skill Level

The entry requirement for this occupation is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification.

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