Permanent Residence in Australia

Rights of Australian Permanent Residents

As an Australian permanent resident:

  • You will be able to remain in Australia indefinitely;
  • You will have full work rights in Australia;
  • You will have full study rights in Australia, and would qualify for Austudy and lower educational fees than are paid by international students in Australia;
  • Once you settle in Australia, you will qualify for Medicare, which is the Australian national health insurance provider.
  • However, you will not qualify for full Australian social security benefits immediately. These would only accrue 2 years after you have migrated to Australia.

First Entry Date

If you apply for immigration to Australia, and the application is lodged offshore, then you will be advised by the Department of Immigration that you will need to enter Australia on your migration visa by a certain date. This date is calculated from the date you completed health and character checks for the visa application, and is generally 12 months from the date you completed the earliest health or character check. If you do not enter Australia by this date, then your Australian visa could be cancelled, and you would need to re-apply for immigration to Australia.

Travel Rights

The initial migration visa will be valid for travel for 5 years from the date your application for immigration to Australia is granted. You will be able to travel freely to and from Australia for this 5-year period. If you wish to leave and re-enter Australia after this, you would either need to apply for Australian citizenship or apply for a Resident Return Visa which would typically last for another 5 years. If you have lived in Australia for at least 2 of the 5 years prior to applying for your Resident Return Visa, then you should have a good chance of obtaining a new Resident Return Visa. Otherwise, you will need to show close ties with Australia and possibly compelling and compassionate reasons for your absence from Australia to obtain a new Resident Return Visa.

Acacia Immigration Australia has over ten years experience with assisting individuals in obtaining their permanent residency. To get detailed advice on your situation, you can book a consultation through our website.

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