Our Core Values

Our team shares a set of core values which forms the basis of our organisation. It is critical that our new team members share these values, and our existing staff are assessed on these values each quarter.


Ethical practices are of the highest importance to our team. We strive to ensure our core values and principles are infused within every relationship we have from our clients, to Department of Immigration, and throughout the team. To us, integrity is displayed through:

  • Transparency: We are open and transparent in our relationships, and make sure that our clients know exactly where they stand.
  • Honesty: Any compromise in honesty is abhorrent and not acceptable to us.
  • Consistency: We always seek to be fair and consistent in our dealings with others
  • Ethical Practices: When faced with a dilemma, we are mindful of the need to always do the right thing, even if it is against our own interests.
  • Walk the Talk: we do what we say we are going to do
  • Ownership: We take responsibility and have real pride in the quality of our work. We always look at the overall best interests of the business.

At Acacia, we believe doing things the right way is the best way for our clients.

Play as a Team

Acacia has a supportive team environment with a number of key principles:
  • Lend a Hand: We are generous with our time with others when we see that they need our help
  • Openness: We share ideas and feedback freely and value each team member's input in making decisions
  • Support Group Decisions: Where a decision has been made, we support it fully
  • Skill Sharing: Our team is generous in sharing skills and expertise with other team members to help them develop.
  • No Mavericks: Even if a team-member's individual performance is good, we still require them to live by the core values and contribute positively to the team.
  • No Silos: Whilst we welcome input into improving our processes, we break any silos - where individuals have their own standards and ways of doing things which are incompatible with the rest of the team.

Get it Right

We always do our very best with every task and make sure our work is free of errors. There are several aspects to "getting it right";
  • Attention to Detail: Making sure that the quality of our work is impeccable. Clients expect us to lodge error-free applications, and to meet all relevant lodgement deadlines.
  • Welcome Feedback: we welcome feedback and see it as an opportunity to improve
  • Process Integrity: Developing and consistently using internal processes such as checklists to efficiently deliver work and eliminate errors
  • Technical Excellence: Having a thorough understanding of our subject area
  • Judgement: the ability to advise and guide clients through a complicated process - to come up with a good strategy at the start, keep them focussed on what is important and assist them in making key decisions

Exceptional Service

We are here to serve others and give our clients an excellent experience every single time. Exceptional service encompasses the following qualities:
  • Availability: Always being "present" in dealings with clients. Welcome the opportunity to talk to clients, and respond promptly to their requests.
  • Empathy: Really listen to clients and understand the situation from their perspective.
  • Respect: Treat others the way we would expect to be treated
  • Positivity: Interacting with clients in a highly positive manner, giving clients realistic hope for a successful outcome
  • Clear Communication: it is our obligation to clearly explain requirements to our clients, and check that they understand what is needed from their side
  • Set and Meet Expectations: make sure that the client clearly understands from the start what they can expect from us, and always deliver on these expectations
  • Responsibility: When a client has an issue, taking it on and being accountable for finding a solution
  • Make Their Day: Coming up with innovative solutions to give our clients outcomes they never dreamed were possible

Make it Happen

Getting the outcome for the client is of primary importance to us - making it happen is essentially what we do for our clients. This value encompasses the following qualities:

  • Passion: Staff are fully engaged and are their creative selves at all times
  • Outcome Focus: We seek the solution which is best for the client - the simplest, most cost-effective and quickest solution as well as involving the lowest risk of issues
  • Great Time Management: Where possible, we "do it now" and avoid double handling. We also "eat our frogs", taking on the most difficult tasks first.
  • Resilience and Determination: Not all cases are straightforward, but we never give up on a client even if the case ends up more complex than initially forecast. We are flexible and bounce back with a modified plan if required.
  • Thrive Under Pressure: When the going gets tough, we stay level headed and look at ways of using our time better to maintain standards and get the outcome for our client
  • Plan Ahead: Have a clear plan for all we do. Wherever possible, we have a backup plan to enable the client to reach their outcome even if our first option proves not to be possible
  • Leadership: Have a clear vision of where we are going. Noticing when things have gotten off track, and being able to persuade and influence others to make sure they get back on track


At Acacia we believe that there is always room for improvement. No matter what position you hold in the company we want to hear your ideas for better serving our clients and each other. Every process and procedure is open for improvement. We are tireless in our attempts to create a better business and our employees are critical in making this happen.

  • Culture of Learning: We love to constantly learn, and always seek opportunities to do our job better
  • Constant Awareness: Noticing when there is inefficiency or scope for error, and being alive to opportunities to improve
  • Process Mindedness: Understanding that it is worth spending time on improving our processes so that the next time we do a task, it is more efficient and less error-prone
  • Pro-activity: Anticipating issues or opportunities, and making suggestions pro-actively to address these
  • Creativity: Instead of doing things because "We've always done it this way", coming up with new ideas and ways of doing things

If you share these values and are interested in working with us please see our Opportunities page.

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