Countdown to 1 July

Regional Australia

The last months of the current financial year are a great time to start planning your migration pathway and taking steps to ensure that you can be ready for the changes that will occur on 1 July. Here are our top 5 things potential applicants should consider.

Manage Finances

Government fees will increase on 1 July by 5.4%. Where possible, we suggest that applicants focus on finalising any visa forms and required documents so applications can be submitted by 30 June. If it is not possible to submit an application by this date, start planning you finances now so you are not short of funds when you do need to lodge.

Think Regional

A third year working holiday visa will be available for applicants who complete at least 6 months of specified regional work while on their second year visa. Only work undertaken from 1 July will be counted, so now is the time to start looking for jobs and accommodation for an easy move.

There will also be increased emphasis on migration to regional Australia, so potential applicants already in these areas will have an advantage. International Students may wish to consider studying at one of the regional Universities to increase their prospects

Gather Documents

Immigration's SkillSelect and State Nomination quotas will reset on 1 July, opening up places in the Subclass 189, 190, and 489 (State Nominated) visa streams. Obtaining an invitation for the 189 visa is more competitive than ever, so potential applicants should look to lodge an Expression of Interest as soon as possible.

States will also review their occupation lists from 1 July and some may only remain open for a short period of time, so it is to your advantage to be organised and ready to submit an EOI for a 190 or 489 visa.

This means gathering the required documents; skill assessments, qualifications, identity documents, and employment references. Don't leave booking the English test until the last minute, as there may be a delay for a test appointment due to demand from graduating International Students.

Be Flexible

The first of July is traditionally the date Immigration makes most of their changes, including updates to application forms, release of new legislation and checklists, as well as fee increases. Unfortunately, even the best made plans may need to be altered as last-minute revisions and even unannounced changes can occur. We urge applicants to be flexible; don't panic or give up just because of something unforeseen - there may still be a way forward for you.

Get Advice

Proper planning includes obtaining accurate advice on your eligibility and claims. Even if you are thinking of lodging the application yourself, it is worthwhile to speak with an experienced professional to address any concerns or queries you may have. Remember, it is better to get it right the first time, than to waste your time and money on an application that is doomed to fail.

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