Credit Card Surcharges Introduced by Department of Immigration

Effective from 19 April 2014 the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has implemented a credit card surcharge for all visa application charges paid via credit card. The new charges will apply to all applications lodged online, and any paper-based applications paid for via credit card.

Which Visa Applications are Affected?

This change impacts all visas applications lodged online. Many applications can now be lodged online, for example:
It also affects any paper applications where the application fee is paid via credit card.

How Much is the Surcharge?

This fee will be taken at the time we lodge your application with the Department of Immigration and is on top of your visa application charges, the surcharges are
  • 0.98%: Visa & MasterCard
  • 1.4%: American Express and JCB
  • 1.99%: Diners Club

How Much will My Fees Increase?

It depends on the type of visa you are applying for and the visa application charge. For an employer applying for an initial visa application for a primary 457 visa with a partner the visa application charge is currently $2,160.

The surcharge will vary depending on the type of card used:
  • $21.17: Visa or Mastercard
  • $30.24 Amercian Express
  • $42.98 Diners Club

What if Acacia is Lodging on My Behalf?

You have two options:
  • Provide Acacia with your Credit Card Details: Use our credit card authority form to provide us your authority to process the Department of Immigration visa application charges and credit surcharges directly on your Visa or MasterCard
  • Acacia to invoice you the surcharge: We will add the surcharge as charged by the Department of Immigration to your invoice for payment via EFT, as we use American Express this surcharge will be 1.99% to your visa application charges


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