Changes in Department of Immigration Application Fees From January 2012

The Department of Immigration has increased application fees for employer sponsored visas from 1 January 2012.

The application fee for 457 visas increased by 15% from $305 to $350. The fees for sponsorship approval and nominations for 457 visas remained unchanged - the application fee for SBS sponsorship approval is $405 and the fee for a 457 nomination is $80.

The application fees for ENS and RSMS visas have increased by 5%. The fee for an onshore ENS or RSMS visa is now $3,105 (up from $2,960) and the fee for an offshore ENS or RSMS is now $2,095 (up from $1,995). There has been no change to the ENS nomination fee of $520.

On the other hand, there has been a 5% reduction in the application fee for student visas - from $565 to $535. This may be in response to the drop off in numbers of international students signing on to study in Australia. Last year, there was a 20% reduction in international student numbers and the outlook for international education is bleak.

Fees for other visa subclasses are unchanged, apart from Distinguished Talent visas which have increased the same amount as ENS/RSMS visas.

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Department of Immigration application fees
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