Employers Neglecting 457 Training Obligation Face Serious Consequences

Josie By Josie
Thursday, 25 February 2016

When applying for 457 Business Sponsorship approval employers need to meet the Training Benchmark requirement.

Many employers forget about the Training Benchmark once the sponsorship is approved and are not aware that it is an ongoing requirement.

Not meeting the training requirement can result in:

  • Sponsorship Bars - preventing you from sponsoring more 457 visa holders
  • Cancellation of sponsorship and associated sponsored visas
  • Fines of over $10,000 can apply for each breach
  • inability to sponsor for other visa categories such as permanent ENS visas
  • issues in renewing Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) approval

Businesses need to keep records of training and be able to show they meet the training benchmark for each 12 month period after approval of the sponsorship.

Acacia recommends that you complete review of your training expenditure on an annual basis. Please contact Josie Marr on 02 9230 0888 if you would like assistance.

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