Partnership Offers Temporary Workers Permanent Solution

1 September 2009, Sydney

Acacia Immigration Australia and Geoffrey Nathan Consulting announced today that they will work together in obtaining Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visas for skilled people with job offers in Australia. This has the potential to allow thousands of skilled workers to transfer from temporary to permanent visas in a matter of months, while the current processing times for other visa options can take years.

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) can be thought of as a permanent version of the 457 visa. However, many employers are either unwilling or unable to use the Employer Nomination Scheme. Examples include:

  • Where the employer has a policy not to use ENS unless the employee has been with the employer for a certain number of years or is at a certain level in the organization; or
  • The employer is unable to use ENS because they are too small or unable to meet the training requirements; or
  • The employer has issues obtaining a labour agreement with the Department of Immigration

The new service to be offered by Geoffrey Nathan and Acacia Immigration involves Geoffrey Nathan as the nominator for the ENS visa. Acacia Immigration's role is to act as migration agent and arrange the relevant nomination and visa approvals through the Department of Immigration. Employees would generally need to meet one of the three usual skill level requirements for ENS:

  • Two years on a 457 visa, with the last 12 months with the current employer; or
  • Positive skills assessment in the occupation, plus 3 years of work experience; or
  • Base salary of $165,000
However, in the situation where the employee has already applied for General Skilled Migration, it is possible to convert the General Skilled application to ENS without paying a visa application fee and this allows them to bypass the usual skill level requirements for the ENS.

"Many people who have applied for General Skilled visas are now facing significant delays in processing of their applications" says Mark Webster, the Director of Acacia Immigration. "As ENS visas are generally granted within 3-4 months, the new service offered by Geoffrey Nathan and Acacia is an excellent way for such people to obtain their permanent residence much faster than would otherwise be the case".

Emily Baker, migration and HR manager for Geoffrey Nathan adds, "Obtaining permanent residency visa though ENS is an attractive option; it offers greater security and flexibility to skilled workers in the current economic climate. Many of Geoffrey Nathan's 457 visa holders that are eligible have already opted for ENS and a large number are looking at this as their next step to continue living and working in Australia. The government can and has adjusted immigration levels according to economic circumstances in recent months. However, the good news is that the ENS pathway to permanent residency remains high priority. While this continues to be the case, now is a good time to proceed with applications."

Company Profiles:

Acacia Immigration Australia is a specialist migration consultancy established in 1999, offering immigration advice and visa application services to their clients. All immigration advice given is by Registered Migration Agents and their areas of expertise include:

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Geoffrey Nathan is a recognised leader in its field, defining the Payroll Management industry within Australia and setting the benchmark for competitors to follow. Australian trading commenced in 1992 with the opening of the Sydney office; subsequent offices in Melbourne in 1994 and Brisbane in 2003 followed, with its most recent venture being the establishment a presence in the Perth market .

Geoffrey Nathan offers services nationally to working holiday makers, in 457 business sponsorship and can offer permanent residency assisting candidates and clients. This, together with its awaypay division that offers employers outsourced pay options, has seen Geoffrey Nathan's expertise continue to grow. Visit our websites at

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