FAQ - Processing Times

I have a State Nomination - How long will my application take?

Immigration is currently indicating that state nominated applications will be allocated within 10 business days.

If all required documentation is provided at lodgement, visa grant would be possible within a very short timeframe.

I have a CSL Occupation - How long will my application take?

Immigration is currently allocating CSL applications.

We cannot predict how long it will take to allocate all CSL applications, but give an indicative processing time of 6-9 months.

I have an MODL Occupation - How long will my application take?

Applicants with an MODL occupation will be allocated only after ALL state nominated and CSL applications have been allocated.

As we do not know how long the CSL applications will take to be allocated, it is impossible to give an indicative processing time, but it is likely to be well in excess of 12 months.

I am not on the CSL, MODL and have not been nominated by a state government - How long will my application take?

As MODL occupations made up something like 80% of the GSM caseload it is likely that it will take a significant time for all of these to be allocated to case officers.

As a result, processing times for such applications may be over 2 years based on current policy settings.

I have already been requested to provide health and character checks - will my application be delayed if I am not on the CSL?

If your application is in the final stages of being approved, you will most likely not be affected by the changes to processing priorities.

I am applying for an ENS or RSMS, but my occupation is not on the CSL. Will my application be delayed?

ENS and RSMS are employer nominated options and so receive the highest level of priority.

Your application should be finalized relatively quickly, even if you do not have a CSL occupation.

I have been sponsored by an Australian relative. Will my application be processed on a priority basis?

Sponsorship by a family member does not in itself give your application a higher priority. However, if your occupation is on the CSL, it would receive high priority.

On the other hand, if your occupation is on a state or territory shortage list, you may wish to apply for state nomination to speed up processing of the application.

I have already applied for my GSM visa. What is the best way to speed up my application?

The best way to speed up your application is to apply for state nomination.

Failing that, you could consider making sure that you have a CSL occupation - for instance if you are an accountant, ensuring that you have 7 or more in all 4 bands of the IELTS or have completed a professional year.

In some cases, it may be worth considering applying for skills assessment in a CSL occupation or occupation which is in demand in an Australian state or territory, then using this new occupation to relodge for your GSM visa.

I am an international student and have applied onshore for my GSM visa. What will happen to me now?

If you have applied onshore for a GSM visa, then your bridging visa will remain in effect until your GSM application is finalized. Even if it takes a significant amount of time, you will be able to stay in Australia on your bridging visa.

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