Points Test Calculator - General Skilled Migration

The general skilled migration self-assessment test is a useful way to calculate your likely score in the Skilled Migration Points test.

If you would prefer to use the previous simpler version, this is still available here.

Your Details

Please provide the main applicant's details below

Nominated Occupation

You will need to apply for skills assessment in an occupation available for General Skilled Migration.
Please choose a Nominated Occupation:

English Score

Most applicants will need to do an English test - you will need to do this if you want to claim points for English.
Have you completed an English test in the last 3 years?

Australian Qualifications

Please provide details of any Australian qualifications you have completed or are currently completing. There is a guide to qualification levels here. There is a separate section below for overseas qualifications:
Institution Name Course Name Level Start Finish Field Postcode Actions

Overseas Qualifications

Please provide details of any Overseas qualifications you have completed. There is a guide to qualification levels here:
Institution Name Course Name Level Completion Date Field Actions

Work Experience

Please give details of your work experience - please include only work experience in your nominated occupation, or in a closely related area:
Employer/Position Start Finish Occupation Hours per Week Location Actions

Australian Relatives

If you have any Australian permanent resident or citizen relatives living in Australia, please give details below as they may be able to sponsor you:
Name Relationship to You Postcode in Australia Actions

Professional Year

If you have completed studies in Australia, you may be able to get extra points for completing a Professional Year. This is only available for Accounting, Information Technology and Engineering fields.
Have you completed a Professional Year?

Translating or Interpreting Accreditation

If you have qualified as a paraprofessional level translator or interpreter through NAATI, you can claim extra points.
Do you hold NAATI accreditation?

Your Spouse or Partner's Details

If your spouse or partner is also skilled, they may be able to contribute points to the application. Please provide your spouse or partner's detials below:

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