DIAC Announces Perth is now Regional Area for RSMS and Skilled Regional Sponsored Visas

By Natalya Khodan
13 September 2011

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship yesterday officially made Perth a "Regional Area" for RSMS and Skilled Regional Sponsored visas.

This measure was previously announced by Immigration, but was only put into place officially on 11 September 2011.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

This change will affect you if you have a job offer or if you are currently employed in Perth. People with suitable employment may be eligible to apply for their permanent residence through the RSMS scheme.

RSMS (Regional Skilled Migration Scheme) is a permanent visa. However, if the employee does not stay with the employer for 2 years, the visa can be cancelled.

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

It was also announced that from now on entire state of Western Australia, including Perth, is regarded as a designated area for the purposes of skilled regional subclasses 475 and 487. This means that relatives living in Perth can now sponsor for these types of visa for the first time.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss how the above changes may affect your eligibility for permanent visa.

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