Skilled Migration for Tradespeople without Formal Qualifications

nicole By Nicole Kirkwood
Tuesday, 02 August 2016

If you have 5 years work experience in your Trade you may be eligible for skilled migration to Australia, even if you do not have formal qualifications.

Work Experience Requirement

Your 5 years work experience may also include a period of training. If you are self-employed, you still may be eligible, but will need to provide more documents.

Eligible Occupations

Only certain occupations are available for this pathway - Skilled Occupation List (SOL) trades that may be eligible include:
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration Mechanics
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Welders
  • Bricklayers

Application Process

Main stages of the application for General Skilled Migration are as follows:
  1. Skills Assessment
  2. Lodge Expression of Interest (EOI)
  3. State Nomination (if required)
  4. Visa application

The first step is to get your skills assessed. This is a 2 step process and will involve a paper application and then either a technical or practical assessment of your skills in your home country or Australia if you are here already.

Unlike other visas to Australia, you must be invited to apply for General Skilled Migration through the SkillSelect EOI system. This is a critical stage of the process, but tradespersons generally do quite well in SkillSelect. Eligible trade applicants often receive an invitation within a few weeks of having their skills assessed.

To be eligible for General Skilled Migration, you will need to pass a points test - if you have a significant amount of work experience, this can help in meeting the pass mark. You also receive points for age, English language ability and if you have a skilled spouse.

Once the invitation is received, you have 60 days to lodge your application for migration to Australia. Immigration will review your eligibility and ask for health and police clearances prior to grant of the permanent visa.


If you are a tradesperson with at least 5 years of work experience in your occupation, you may have a very good chance of migrating to Australia through the General Skilled Migration pathway.

For advice on your eligibility for skilled migration and permanent residence to Australia please book a consultation with one of our migration advisors today.


Trades Recognition Australia - Offshore Skills Assessment Program

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