Changes to Skilled Occupations List and Skills Assessment Authorities

By Mark Webster
6 December 2010

Changes have been made to the Skilled Occupations Lists effective 5 December 2010. These changes are as follows:

  • Addition of occupations to the State/Territory Nominated Skilled Occupations List
  • Changes to the skills assessing authorities for occupations

Changes to State/Territory Nominated Skilled Occupations List (Schedule 4)

The bulk of the changes affect the State/Territory Nominated Skilled Occupations List or Schedule 4. A number of occupations have been added to this list, including:
111111 Chief Executive or Managing Director
131111 Advertising and Public Relations Manager
139911 Art Administrator or Manager
149311 Conference and Event Organiser
224912 Liaison Officer
232313 Jewellery Designer
232414 Web Designer
234212 Food Technologist
234514 Biotechnologist
249112 Education Reviewer
263112 Network Administrator
263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer
311311 Fisheries Inspector
311399 Primary Products Inspector nec
323212 Fitter and Turner
452314 Snowsport Instructor

There has been one occupation removed from the list - that of Medical Technicians nec ANZSCO 311299.

Changes to Skills Assessing Authorities

A number of trade occupations previously had both TRA (Trades Recognition Australia) and VETASSESS listed as possible skills assessing authorities. TRA offers a paper-based assessment process for offshore applicants which requires the applicant to have recognised trade qualifications and a significant amount of work experience. VETASSESS offers a trade test assessment which also requires either trade qualifications or work experience, and is only available in certain countries.

From 5 December 2010, only TRA is listed as the assessing authority for the trade occupations. This probably reflects the fact that TRA is responsible for administering the VETASSESS process, and to allow for adding further countries and trades to the VETASSESS process without issuing a new legislative instrument. The VETASSESS site indicates that they will be responsible for more trades and countries from 5 December 2010.

Countries where VETASSESS testing is available include:

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • Philippines
  • China (new)
  • Ireland (new)
  • Korea (Sth) (new)
  • Singapore (new)
  • United Arab Emirates (new)

Occupations which can be assessed by VETASSESS are:

  • Motor Mechanic (General)
  • Diesel Motor Mechanic (Heavy Vehicle)
  • Bricklayer
  • Carpenter and Joiner
  • Carpenter
  • Joiner
  • Plumber (General)
  • Electrician (General)
  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Sheetmetal Trades Worker (new)
  • Metal Fabricator (new)
  • Welder (First Class) (new)
  • Vehicle Painter (new)
  • Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (new)

Engineers Australia has been added as a skills assessing authority for the occupation of Building and Engineering Technicians nec ANZSCO 312999.


The changes to the skilled occupations list will only affect people looking at state nomination as an option.

We have confirmed with VETASSESS that they are still assessing trade occupations, and in fact that they will be able to assess more trades in more countries than previously.

Feel free to book an immigration consultation if you would like more information on applying for general skilled migration.


Department of Immigration Legislative Instrument for new Skilled Occupations Lists
VETASSESS trade assessments.

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