Temporary Travel Ban Due to Coronavirus

Temporary visas may be cancelled under the new travel ban

On 1 February 2020 the Australian Government introduced travel restrictions for all travellers from mainland China, warning that temporary visa holders will have their visas cancelled if they attempt to travel to Australia.

With the exception of Australian Citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate family members, Australian immigration will deny entry to anyone who has travelled from mainland China, or who has transited through mainland China.

The restrictions aim to not only prevent affected travellers from boarding flights to Australia, but to refuse entry to this cohort and ensure they are quarantined from the general Australian population.

Australian Citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate family members who do travel from mainland China will be expected to self-quarantine for at least 2 weeks after their arrival, though this measure may be upgraded to formal quarantine in the near future.

Temporary residents, including Skilled workers and Students, who are affected by the travel restrictions should not attempt to travel to Australia at this time as their visa will be cancelled. The Prime Minister has advised that these measures are temporary and visas may be reinstated in future, however it is best not to risk cancellation in the first place as there can be significant flow-on effects for future applications.

Further information on the travel restrictions and the Coronavirus can be found on the Australian Border Force website here.

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